Dropshipping FAQ

Here, you'll find everything you need to know about dropshipping!

First, what is dropshipping??
With dropshipping, the wholesale vendor ships directly to your retail customer! You do not have to carry product inventory -- only place the wholesale order & the vendor will ship directly to your customer!

We use Synclogic for dropshipping.
We do NOT encourage our customers to run items, as we cannot always guarantee availability (run at your own risk). If you do run items and place a drop-ship order with us, you'll order from The Belle Boutique Mart site, be SURE to log in under your account and use your business name for billing info (so we will know the return address), and use your customer's address as shipping address.

We had to give that little caveat! Now, back to Synclogic... this is by far the safest + simplest way to drop-ship. Using the code below, you will connect to our Synclogic channel, which will give you access to our product catalog! Our products will sync to your online store, where your customers can place orders. The orders will submit to us as a "draft," and Shopify will automatically send you an invoice from us, for your customer's item(s). Once you pay the invoice, we will begin processing the order & will ship it DIRECTLY to your customer! We use cute poly mailers, stickers, & include a prize or candy in each dropshipped package for a personal touch, and we use your shipping information as the return address label. This way, the item is dropshipped blindly.

Synclogic Code: W6KH839N

We ARE great at the dropshipping process! But not Synclogic experts -- we encourage you to do your own research and chat with Synclogic for any specific questions on connecting to our channels! But, we'll give you a bit of our insight below! >>As well as general dropshipping FAQ!

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Does Synclogic work through all web/POS platforms?

No, Synclogic will only work/sync if your website is created through SHOPIFY.

How do I find Synclogic on Shopify?

First, download the Synclogic app in the Shopify App Store, if you don't have it already. Go into the Synclogic app and click "subscribed connections."

Click "connect to one"
and enter our Synclogic code: W6KH839N

Some Synclogic tips when installing

Make sure the checkbox is checked next to "sync all fields when Synclogic creates new products." This will help ensure that vendors' new products are synced to your store when they upload, or shortly after.

Also, disable the "allow purchases when out of stock" field. This will prevent customers from being able to order out of stock items.

Make sure "inventory tracking" and "inventory quantity" are enabled (they should be by default).

Note: These are general suggestions for dropshipping. They will affect ALL connections with dropshippers, not just us, so be sure to make sure these settings work for you before changing!

How do I set prices in Synclogic?

NOTE: SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN REQUIRES THAT YOU SET RETAIL PRICES AS (AT LEAST) MSRP, WHICH IS DOUBLE THE WHOLESALE PRICE. Keep this in mind when setting your price transform tool on our channel.

Synclogic has a handy tool called price transform. You can type in the percentage markup you'd like to use, based on our wholesale prices. The standard price transform is 200%. For example, if our wholesale price is $15 and you set price transform at 200%, the product's price will set at $30 retail on your site. Note, you can use any percentage. We just use 200% as a rule, and for Seventy Times Seven products, you must use at least 200%.


How do I connect to you in Synclogic?

Once you enter the code and click "connect," your request will be sent to us for approval. Until approved, it will say "pending parent acceptance."

Please note that we CANNOT accept your Synclogic request until you have been accepted as a Seventy Times Seven retail partner. You can fill that application out here:


Once approved, Shopify will start the product sync!

PLEASE NOTE that depending on the number of products in the queue, it may take 1-24 hours for the full product sync to occur.

What happens when a customer places a dropshipped order?

When a customer places an order on your site for one of our synced products, a DRAFT order will be created with us. Our system automatically generates an invoice to you. Please pay invoices as soon as possible BECAUSE products are not deducted from our inventory UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE PURCHASE. Please pay promptly to ensure we can fulfill your order. They are not "held" until paid by you.

How do you know what shipping info to use on dropshipped orders?

We will ship to the shipping address listed on your order. It is YOUR responsibility, before checking out on our site, to ensure that the customer shipping info you submit to us is correct.

Also, PLEASE put your boutique name and return address in the "billing field" when you check out. We will use this information on the return label for your package, so it appears to be shipped from you.

What about shipping costs?

We charge tiered shipping based on our shipping chart, which goes by geographic location and product weight.

It is YOUR responsibility to charge shipping costs to your customer up-front, so you can use their funds to pay shipping costs to us.

IF for some reason the shipping fails to auto-populate on our site and shipping is not charged, we will contact you via email & send a separate invoice for shipping. Order will not be complete until shipping costs are paid.

What if I want to dropship but don't want to use Synclogic?

Don't want to use Synclogic? No problem, we can still drop-ship the "old fashioned" way. Although we do HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Synclogic

Here's how to drop-ship the "old fashioned" way: when you check out on the Belle Boutique Mart site, just enter your customer's shipping information in the shipping field & your boutique name and return address in the billing field. PLEASE, PLEASE type "dropshipped order" in the notes field so we will know to update the return address to yours!!

How do you package dropshipped orders?

We take pride in our packaging and make it fun/enticing! We will omit the packing slip and any/all invoicing information. There will be no trace of prices & no trace of The Belle Boutique Mart inside your order or on the packaging!

We use cute & colorful poly mailers, place fun stickers on the outside of the package, and include candy/gum/some sort of treat inside the package in a cute candy bag.

We want your customers to feel special!

What is your shipping TAT?

Items that are listed as Ready to Ship will ship out within 1-2 business days.

If an item is listed as "preorder," the specific TAT (turnaround time) will be listed within the product description.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are placing an order with a combination of both preorder and ready to ship items, please place TWO separate orders! If all placed together, we will hold the ready to ship items until preorder items arrive and ship altogether.

Is there an order minimum?

There are no order minimums!!

What shipping carrier do you use?

We will ship items "the best way" depending on package size, weight, etc. Packages will either be shipped via USPS or UPS. Tracking information will be uploaded into Shopify and can be accessed through your wholesale dashboard on our site. Click on your order, and tracking information will appear once items are shipped.

Can orders be cancelled?

Orders cannot be cancelled once placed. No exceptions.

Do you offer returns on dropship orders?

Due to the nature of wholesale, we do NOT accept returns on wholesale items or dropship items.

Once purchased, the purchase is final. The only exception is if your customer receives a defective item.

In that case, we will replace the defective item with another piece of the same size/same style. If a duplicate is not available, we will provide you with a refund or store credit for that piece.

To begin the process for defective items, email us ASAP with a textual description of the defect, a photo of the defect, and order number. This will expedite the process.

What if my customer wants to exchange an item?

NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES for dropshipped items! If your customer needs an item exchanged, your best bet Is to simply place another order with us for the size/product they do need and have them mail their original package back to YOU. The exchanged item will now become a part of YOUR inventory and you can just have it as a ready to ship item. We will ship the ordered replacement out to your customer, but we will NOT accept the original item back.

How you handle shipping costs with your customer is up to you.

How you handle exchanges/returns is also up to you, this is just a suggestion. Just to be clear, again, we do not handle your returns or exchanges.

What if my customer receives a defective product?

We double-inspect items before shipping, but we are still human and mistakes can happen. If your customers receives an item with damage/defect, please notify us via email within 36 HOURS of them receiving the package. Please include a textual description of the defect, a photo, and the order number in your email. On a case by case basis, we may ask that the customer to return the item. Our first resort will be to ship an identical replacement item to your customer. If they are out of stock, we may issue you a refund.

How do I contact you?

We typically answer very quickly, via Facebook messages or email (best email address is shop.thebelleboutiquemart@gmail.com). But, please allow up to 48 hours for responses.

From some "Karen’s," I’ve received Facebook messages while I sleep and woke up to a comment while I’m drinking my coffee the next morning that urgently says “check your PMs please!!!!”... as if I'm ignoring a message. We value your questions and will get back with you as soon as we can! But again, we are human and wear a lot of hats.